Master Wu, Wen-Ching 2018 Workshop

Dates:  April 6-8, 2018

             Friday, April 6th 7:00pm - 9:00pm

             Saturday & Sunday, April 7 & 8th 9:00am-4:00pm

Location: Wesley Long Hospital Education Center

                  501 N Elam Avenue, Classroom #1

                  Greensboro, NC  27403

Instructor:  Master Wu, Wen-Ching

Cost: $225.00

Contact:  Cheryl Rowland  336.202.3084


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The Foundation of Tai Chi and Qigong is deeply rooted in traditional Taoist philosophy. The most well-known include Tai Chi and Qigong from the Taoist traditions. Within the Tai Chi and Qigong studies are several similar yet distinctive styles of the training. Qigong and Tai Chi practices are complementary healing methods. All experiencelevels and practitioners of any healing arts can benefit from this workshop.

Tai Chi -The Core Components: The principles of Tai Chi can be ambiguous and challenging to understand fully. In this workshop, Master Wu will clarify some of these theories using the eight core components of training. These eight core components includes four physical and four non-physical
components. The four physical components are the more obvious hand and eye coordination, body movement, and foot work. The four non-physical and vital components are vitality of spirit, qi, internal strength, and overall synthesis. Understanding of the eight core components can assist
participants in achieving the deeper understanding
and benefits of Tai Chi.

Qigong-The Foundation of Healthiness: Medical Qigong is an important self-empowerment tool to attain greater personal well-being and health. The ability to develop and maintain the strength and quality of our well-being includes being able to
integrate ourselves with the universe’s energy and combine it with our own balanced energy. A small part of the universe's infinite longevity can be yours! In this workshop Master Wu will introduce many ancient Medical and Taoist Qigong techniques to balance and to absorb the universe’s Qi for greater health and longevity.

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Master Wu is an internationally recognized expert and gifted practitioner of the ancient Chinese Arts. He has given workshops in Internal Style, External Style, and Qigong throughout the U.S. and Europe. His expertise
has led him to be featured numerous times on television. Master Wu has written and coauthored over 15 books and videos including Qigong Empowerment, Kung Fu
Elements, Tai Chi Beginning, Simplified Taijiquan and Xiaoyoashuai.